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Welcome to Fantasy Writing!

This community is dedicated to Fantasy works ranging from the high-fantasy with dragons, magic, elves, and evil sorcerers bound to destroy the universe to modern-age low-key fantasy and the surreal, almost-sci-fi writings.

As such this will be a place for budding authors to post their works for critique and also to toss out ideas and suggestions in general. Also, those of you who'd rather lurk and comment on everyone elses' stuff, you're more than welcome as well!

Just a few notes to follow:

1. If your story or snippet is more than two paragraphs long, please place it behind a cut. ([lj-cut text="Insert a Title Here"]Your story's text.[/lj-cut], just replace the [ and ] with a < and > respectively.)

2. If your story contains strong language or other explicit material put it behind a cut with a warning.

That's about it.