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 Hello anyone and everyone in the fantasy writing community. Yeah I'm new and hopefully that won't change anything.

I have a few questions for you all. First off is a traditional question of a weapon VS armor, would a Claymore break,pierce European plate armor?

Secondly is this. I have a character who uses a very brutal version of the parrying dagger technique, one weapon he uses is a katana as the blade to parry with, his other blade I wanted to be a one sided blade but not a basket hilt because I feel they are too fancy for his brutality. I"d love some suggestions for the other sword, I'd prefer if you'd keep the ideas in the 'one sharp edge' category, light, and very powerful in the cutting aspect.

My last question is are there any really good places in the K-W area of Ontario to go and write other then the KPL?

Anyways enjoy what remains of your day and have a great time writing.

The Fated One.
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