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Best wishes to everyone and their holiday endeavors!

I'm going to try and finish the last two parts of the Shifting Times Prequel during the break (cross my fingers), part eight is almost finished, and bits and pieces of nine and ten are written.

I tend to not write straight through a story. I'll start it, turn out some scenes from further ahead in the plot, and work to fill in the gaps. After finishing it I plan on going back and rehauling a couple of scenes, adding more detail and smoothing out dialouge (especialy in parts six and seven, the dialouge there is just stiff and forced).

What are you all working on at the moment? Goals before the end of the year? Goals for the new year?

Once I finish and smooth out STP I plan on doing some illustrations to accompany it and possibly offer it for sale at some of the Fantasy/sci-fi convensions I plan on attending this next year. I probably won't finish it this next year, but I can try! If not this coming year, there's the year after.
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